38/366 t-shirts and counting

7th February 2012

Several weeks into the project, 'A t-shirt for every day of the year' continues to engage a steadily growing number of followers. Its curious thread of comments and observations, on everything from nose-blowing to stations on the Cambrian railway line, is as much a talking point as bankers' bonuses in and around Oswestry.

Veering between socio-economic debate and domestic trivia with all the subtlety of Gok Wan ogling 'G' cup bras in M&S, the project reveals a new t-shirt and a new 'slogan' every day. And will do for the 366 days of 2012. A photo of each t-shirt goes live on the website (www.366tshirts.co.uk) on the stroke of midnight, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

A 366 T-shirts diary will appear on the website soon – a photo-diary, in fact, capturing each t-shirt during its 24 hours of fame. It will also serve as proof that the project is actually amassing 366 individual t-shirts (no Photoshop trickery involved) to go on show in 2013.

The exhibition itself is the focus of growing speculation – where, how, 366 live models, really? The creators are keen for artists and other creatives to get involved with the event by contributing their interpretation – in visuals, words, dance, a collection of used rags - of one of the slogans.

Do you have a vision of 'Monkeys or technology?, 'Smell the reality', 'It's flipping anarchy in here', or 'This is not art'? Or maybe one of the 320 or so slogans to come has your name on it?

Then 366 T-shirts would be keen to hear from you. Get in touch with them at np@eclectic-music.co.uk